26 September 2012

Days 19 through 24

I've been busy click, click, clicking with my camera, and here are the next six day's worth of photos.  They are 19. underneath,  20. man-made, 21. sometimes, 22. up, 23. before bedtime and 24. 3 things.



My words to fit my photos.

Underneath.  An old, disused trestle bridge, just near to where I live.
Man-made.  Came across this fabulous, old campervan just parked on a hill.
Sometimes.  Just sometimes I wished I lived a tiny bit closer to a city.  Just sometimes.
Up.  It's Spring here in Australia and I looked up through the wattle tree to the blue sky.
Before bedtime.  You're glad about this one, aren't you?  Clean teeth!!
3 things.  The handles of three beautiful Japanese paint brushes.  Missed that bit of teal the other day!

If you would like to join in this photo-a-day challenge, Chantelle has the list of October words up on her blog already for you to have a bit of a think about.

Okay, I'm off to enjoy some sunshine in these school holidays!
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  1. I have lived in NY most of my life and have loved it but now have moved to the south for the countryside. I will always have a lot of love for NY. Your post made nostalgic of my favorite spots of my old city. Great pics!

  2. I love your pics and love to do the word challanges too ... I do it with Instagram.

  3. It looks beautiful where you live! Ada :)

  4. Hi Trudy lovely pics. I never seen Japanese paint brushes they look lovely, I thought they were necklaces. Gorgeous. I'm also a city girl who is now a country girl. Just crave that buzz now and again. Really I love these green hills but I know what you mean.Heather x

  5. You live in a beautiful part of the world. Most days I wish I lived further out of the city - I guess the grass is always greener! I like the strong colours in your photos.


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