15 July 2012

Yarn Bombing Venus Bay

We've just had a couple of relaxing days tootling away to nearby Venus Bay.  The weather wasn't perfect, well it was perfect Winter weather ... cold and drizzly!  Umbrellas at the beach?  No, we rushed back to our little house and hunkered down.  We'd taken all the pre-requisite games, books*, pens, pencils, and craft bag so we were all set to play indoors.

When we first arrived we noticed that someone, who had come before us, had done some yarn bombing on a big tree in the front yard and we then started noticing yarn bombing in different places all over Venus Bay.

Before we left for home, Girl 2 decided she wanted to do her first bit of yarn bombing and to leave it on the tree outside the kitchen window.  Being new to knitting, a simple little square of knitting was created.

And joyfully stitched to the branch.

There was a big smile for that little piece of knitting.

Isn't it just the cutest little piece of yarn bombing from a soon-to-be ten year old knitter?

We almost didn't want to leave it behind, but now have thoughts of some yarn bombing in our own yard.  This yarn bombing from Germany is fantastical and inspiring!

Have you yarn bombed?
Have you secretly wished to yarn bomb?  Go ahead, it's fun!!


* Read "A Reliable Wife" by Richard Goolrick - couldn't put it down!


  1. Yes i have many times thought of yarn bombing..i just love the whole idea of it.. little bits of colour adorning plain steel or bare trees, its so warming to see....so positive....and seeing your daughters little burst of sunshine in that large tree has made me smile....as well as the tree i would imagine......so YAAAAAAAAY to yarn bombing, i love it all. x

  2. Loved this Trudy - I haven't yarn-bombed but have definitely yearned to! I'm totally in awe of some of the projects I've seen on the internet - especially Saltburn pier - if you haven't seen this have a look you can google it - fantastic!

  3. Thanks Maggie, I googled Saltburn Pier - brilliant!!


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