16 June 2012


A week made up of moments.
Special moments, in amongst all the other moments.

Being inspired by Japanese illustrator, Ryoko Ishii.

Watching my daughter hanging upside-down on the Queen's Birthday Holiday.

Snuggling under blankets watching old episodes of "I Dream of Jeannie".
Feeling the warmth of the sun.
Feeling so cold that a wheat pack is offered.
Summonsing my inner-hairdresser for Girl 1 to turn into Princess Leia at her band concert.
Whisking hubby away from work for a cuppa in the cafe.
Playing with wool and wishing this basketful was mine, not Rowan's.

Playing with fabric.

An extended family meal and the telling of well-known stories.
Sneaking off to the movies in the daytime with a friend.
Catching up on some missed "Offspring" episodes on the computer.
Taking delivery of a New Couch, still in its plastic even now.

It was a week made up of special moments.
What's your favourite moment from your week?


  1. Some lovely moments! Love the art work almost as much as the photo of your girl which made me smile. Most of my week as been work but my best moment was coming home after four days and hugs from my son and his girlfriend and licks from the dog! Looking forward to some moments of crafting this weekend! Have you done any more knitting, I would imagine socks are amongst the hardest things to knit, so don't be put off!

  2. Does making it thru to Friday count?????
    There has been a couple beauts.........seeing the pride on no. 1 sons face cause he is getting closer to nailing his 1st job........reading my soon to be 15yr daughters story and sheding a tear.....running without pain.......and warm hugs.


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