27 February 2012

The Show came to Town

Early Saturday morning, in the hope of missing the scorching heat of the day, the girls and I ventured out to the local show.  There were ducks and llamas and pigs and cows to be viewed!  We saw our feathered friends, ready for judging.

There was a successful manoeuvre away from the showbag stalls (well done me, I say!) and into the pavillion filled with local produce, cut flowers and crafts of all kinds.  We saw oodles of local student artwork which was fabulous, from paintings to cardboard constructions, hand-writing and prize-winning woven placemats!

We watched beautifully groomed horses going through their paces, and proud owners with matching braided hair.

And there were rides to be had!  As official photographer I was able to keep my two feet firmly on the ground as I watched my girls whizzing by on the Cha-Cha, or being lifted high into the air on the Midnight Madness.  Three wilting flowers, we walked home and tried to keep cool for the remainder of what was a very hot weekend.

How was your weekend?  Were you able to keep cool?


  1. It was soooo hot wasn't it! We also had our local Festival this weekend, such a shame about the weather, it was really too hot to enjoy it. Managed to stay cool with lots of swims and cold drinks. I love that chook you photographed, I want some fancy ones like that! Anyway, the rain today is a welcome relief, everything is a bit parched around here. Have a great week! Julie :)

  2. I remember the show coming to town......such a buzz. I can remember being able to go on my own with some school chums. Feeling so footloose and fancy free. Going on the rides, watching the motor bikes or maybe they were car trick in the arena. The smells of the animals and trying hard not to step in anything.


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