23 February 2012

An Enviable Fabric Stash

It's always good to see someone else's stash, for different reasons, depending on how you want to feel about your own stash, at that moment in time!!  If your friend's fabric stash is large then you may feel you have room for expansion of your own, or you could feel virtuous that yours is somewhat under control, or you could feel downright envy!!  Or you could feel all those emotions mixed up together all at once.  This is how it was today.

It was a little bit like being in a candy store.  Everywhere I looked there were treasures.  A vintage cupboard with pretty china cups sitting amongst tins and boxes of sewing goodies, a collection of silver scissors next to a bowl of luscious red French thread, a silver cake stand filled with charm packs ready for a future project.

And the fabric stash, oh-my!!  I was going to share with you the fabric stash, but I don't want you to feel all those mixed up emotions of need, virtue, smugness or envy (and besides, I'm a tease!), so let's have a look at the projects my friends were working on instead.

We met, we stitched, we laughed and chatted, we enjoyed a delicious meal.  We had a gorgeous host.  And just to complete the perfect day, we had this beautiful view to look at.

Bye for now,

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