06 February 2012

Crochet Update

Still having lots of fun with this new crochet project, and trying to focus on the journey that is the love of crochet, rather than the race to the finishing line because I know when I get to the end I'll be wishing I still had a little bit more to crochet.  Are you like that too?  It's kinda like when you finish a fabulous book, you wish there was just one more chapter to go.

Have decided on making a grid of 5 x 5, so I only have 9 more circles to crochet and that will make a good snuggle-under size, a good curl up with a terrific book size, a good keep warm while stitching and watching a bit of Pride and Prejudice size.  Yes, I've seen P & P so many times I know when to look up for the good bits!!

You may have noticed that I am tying in all the ends as I am going along, and I must say I'm feeling pretty chuffed about that!!  In fact, I'm tying in the ends as I finish one colour before going onto the next ... be impressed, be very impressed, I've never done that before!!

I have my favourite circles;  ones that have turned out soooo much better than others (truth be known, one circle has made its way into the doll's house as a floor mat and looks decidedly better there than it would have here!!)

I look at these circles and I see the ones that have been made using my tried and true colourways, and the ones that have me working outside my comfort zone of colours and wonder if they all should be in the same mix together.  The funny thing is that I love to use up my wool stash,  and I like the look of an eclectic blanket.  With a project this size you have to keep adding to your wool stash, but I'm wondering if it would be better from the start to choose colours and stick with them?  I'm not sure.

A pancake stack!  Good enough to eat, but please keep away with the maple syrup fingers!!

I promise I won't mention this project again until it is completely finished, which should be in a couple of months (I do have all the tedious part coming up where I only use one colour and that's going to be grey!)

What fun projects are you enjoying the journey on?

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  1. they are gorgeous! I've not crocheted circles like that - they look very addictive. And will be so lovely when done. I don't mind seeing more photos of the ongoing project - post away!


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