03 September 2012

Photo-a-Day Challenge

I have decided, for the month of September, to join in the photo-a-day challenge over at Fat Mum Slim.  Each month Chantelle puts up a list of words, one for each day of the month, and the challenge is to take a photo to fit the word, or a photo of my interpretation of the word.

I thought I would post three days/photos at a time, so here are my first three photos for the first three days of September.  1.  me, now.  2.  father.  3.  far away.

Hope you're enjoying a bit of sunshine in your neck of the woods.  It's blissful here today.


  1. Hello Trudy, the photo challenge looks interesting, I like your no.1! clever. Enjoy the spring waking up around you, Heather x

  2. I am having a fabulous time reading through your posts. There is so much colour and inspiration!!! I love your colour selection for the crochet-along - can't wait to see your blanket progress. And as for all your quilting - GORGEOUS!!! Right I'm heading straight back to some older posts now - your blog is just lovely.

    Have a great week hon,

    1. Thanks so much Leah and welcome : -)

  3. I love these photo a day challenges. I've often thought about doing one. I am intrigued about the stories behind the photos as each person's interpretation of the word of the day can be so different! I am intrigued about the union jack mug, I must say. x

    1. The Union Jack mug is my hubby's and he is English! Thanks for asking, will put more words on my next Photo-a-Day post : -)


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