22 September 2012

Love this Colour


Teal.  One of my favourites.  I'm constantly drawn to it.  So, for a bit of fun I thought I'd see how much I really like this colour by seeing how much of it I surround myself with.  Let's take a walk through the house and see how many times teal pops up in things.
Only one item of clothing in the colour teal, an old favourite cardy, so it seems I don't need to drape myself constantly in this colour.

But it seems I do like teal in vases and plates.  Love this plate by Rebecca Rebouche, who describes herself as a painter of trees, birds, balloons and other magic.  I've put a link here to a beautiful little movie I just discovered, that the store Anthropologie did featuring Rebecca in her treehouse studio.  Take a moment to have a look, it's inspiring.

And of course there is teal in my fabrics and wool, bags (thanks Cath K, you do a good teal) and in my treasured, old box of 48 Crayola crayons.

I like to drink from teal, and I like teal on the walls.  It seems I even like teal to peek out from inside things, like this vase.  And looking at the vase, I realise this love of teal has been going on for quite some time, because that was a purchase I made about hmmm, 20 years ago?

I'm wondering if my love of this colour came from my Mum because back in the '70s when Mums were off at classes learning crafts like macrame and pottery everything she made was teal.  I treasure these wonky pieces of pottery, because my Mum made them and because I love this colour and obviously she did too.  Glad she went back to knitting ; -)

Are there colours you love to surround yourself with?  Colours that you are drawn to?  Colours that you love?  Colours that make you happy?

Wishing you a colourful weekend.


  1. Hi Trudy, yes I like teal too. I didn't realise that was it's name. As I look around I can see teal here too. My mums favourite colour was red, and although I'm probably more of a blue and greens person I like red because she did! Probably why she brought me the red suitcase! The anthropolgie video is lovely, watched it 3 times! what a place.... and lovely artwork, I like your plate, Heather x

  2. Love this post Trudy....and i love Teal too, i get drawn to it in various ways, and if its alongside a complementing green then that makes it perfect........now you have me wondering how much teal i have in my wee home...
    Lovely post
    Pixie xx

  3. Teal for me too...just bought several balls to be the joining colour on my next throw!

  4. Such a fun peek into your home! I love teal too but I don't have a lot of it in the house. No idea why. My sister has lots in her living room and I am making her a cushion for her birthday with shades of blue, grey and white, and of course teal.

    I tend to choose a muted, retro-ish palate, lots of colours but faded ones, if that makes sense! I have a thing about grey and sage green at the moment.

  5. Teal is absolutely gorgeous, my favourite colour would have to be RED.......none of this burgundy, maroon or claret for me. I love the old post box, fire engine or maybe ruby red.

  6. I think your Mum and mine must have gone to the same wonky pottery classes.... lol

  7. Hey Trudy I love Teal as well, my leanings might be more towards turquoise but love that whole group of colours......
    Being so far from home it's hard to remember what Teal coloured things I own. Straight away I think of a cardi I wore through Winter. It was actually acrylic, but nice and snuggly warm. Kitchen glasses, made from very fine glass probably more turquoise but I had only 4 of them and my boys were threatened with all type of torture if they broke one,lol......Of course it was me who cracked the first one!! I have a beautiful vase from my mum and some vintage table cloths.
    It's a colour I'm drawn to along with red ......
    Hope you have a great week,

    CLaire :}

  8. Teal is a great colour, I love most shades of blue, this used to be one of my Mums favourite colours, thanks for sharing! Ada :)

  9. I like teal to but I probably like pink better. In my bedroom it surrounds me but every where else there's hardly any.

    1. Sweetie, let's splash some more pink about the place!!

  10. Thanks peeps, looks like teal is a bit of a favourite colour. It was fun to read about other colours you love to surround yourself with.

  11. Teal is good :) I love greys - which apparently is quite unusual in the psychology of colour preference - and indigo, and mustard, and ochre and gold, and the greens and blues (teals maybe?) of lichens.

    Lovely post :D


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