15 January 2012

Bullseye Twister

I think I'm onto something here ...

Put your left hand on the vibrant orange circle.  Put your right foot on the aqua and mustard centred circle, no! not that one, the one with the red in it and the white border.  Put your right hand on the umm, greeney, mustard, purple centred one etc. etc. - you get the idea!!  What do you think?

Just thought I would update you on the progress of my Bullseye Afghan.  Still not sure whether to make it into a grid of 4x4 (in which case I need to make 7 more circles) or 5x5 (which means 16 more).  Let's see if I can resist being distracted while I finish this project!

While making the big project, I did get a little sidetracked with a small project.  Mini bullseyes made into a stringy bunting type decoration.  The photos don't do the colours justice, they are really vivid in their charcoal grey surround.

The girls are baking chocolate chip biscuits in the kitchen ... I wonder if they are up to licking the bowl yet?  Better just go and check.

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  1. Oh Trud that looks fantastic......love all your dots.


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