19 September 2012

Days 16, 17 and 18

Decided to go kind of weird and crazy with the colour of my photos for these three days, and I have saturated them with colour!  The words to go with the days are, 16. strange, 17. in my fridge and 18. price.

Strange to attempt, with the use of a red and white polka dot paper pom pom, to make this room pretty in any way when the background is pure renovator's "delight".

Who wants to see inside my fridge?  I like you I do, but I certainly don't need to see inside your fridge, unless you have some left over Chocolate Ripple Cake that you would like me to finish off.  So do you really want to see in mine?  Well here's a little bit of it, just a bit.  And in this photo I think the colour works best in a colours-of-India kind of way, matching with the Patak's Curry Paste.

Price.  The price of grannys in our community.  They're cheap.  And they're loose!!  But I promise I won't talk about your granny in this way : -)

Have a happy day.


  1. Well I did say I liked your black and whites, but I like your coloured photos too. I think my favourite is the fridge, with the rather weird reflected colours.

    Also just wanted to say (although I'm sure you won't have noticed) but I accidentally rejected your message, because of my big flipping thumbs on my phone. It wasn't anything personal.

  2. Wow.. you must be a great cook as well as crafty lady. Have you got any good cooking tips...

    1. Are you kidding? Those jars are just in there to look good. I don't do anything with them ; -)

  3. ha this comment made me laugh, mines the same it's stuffed full with things I don't do anything with! I would probably eat the same thing every night if I could get away with it. Pesto anyone! X

  4. I love the colour effect in these photos! So bright and over the top. I always like a peek into people's fridges.

  5. Love your "grannies"; was a wee bit concerned(she) may be offended. Trudy, your comment corrected any lasting referece redundant. "You are a good cook", if only you put your mind to it??


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