15 September 2012

Days 10 through 15

Gee, these days are rolling by so quickly!!  Missed the opportunity to post my three photos, so here are six photos for days 10 through 15. The words for this set are 10. hero, 11. black and white, 12. together, 13. table, 14. favourite and 15. first thing you see.

My hero, my husband, my best friend. A hero because he never "dropped his bundle" during the time of firstly being told he'd had a heart attack, then being told he needed heart surgery, when he realised he couldn't work in his own business in the same capacity as before, that he would have to rely on others for a time, that there would be a time of rehabilitation and times of pain. During all that he has never complained, or felt self-pity or done anything other than what a true hero would do and just get on with things.
An outdoor seat that was once white and was then painted black, and now the white is showing through again. Time for a repaint.  Add it to the list.
Us together, in shadow form, snapped while out on one of our daily walks. Looking a bit like we're part of a map, that we are the sea and are surrounded by land, or maybe not, maybe just shadows!
On Thursday Girl 2 competed in a chess tournament, representing her school. It was fabulous to watch the concentration on the childrens faces, to hear the constant clicking of the timing machines and to see the glee on their faces if they won. There were long rows of tables, with lots of games happening all at once. Girl 2 came home as part of the winning team and is off to the State Tournament later in the year, in Melbourne.

 Favourite. Lindt.  No more to be said really.
This is the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning.  My bedside table with lamp, photo, bowl of trinkets and my wedding rings on a shell.  Love that there is no clock.  I wake up with the sun.
Thanks for looking, and reading to the end.
Have a fabulous weekend and take some photos!


  1. Lovely piccies Trudy, i have alot of catching up to do with everyones blogs as we have been away for a few days, but i wanted to stop by at yours first, i have been enjoying all your photos, i love the one of your bedside table.
    Pixie x

  2. Beautiful photos Trudy, and so moving to see your devotion to your husband and his courage through all your recent difficult times. And congratulations to your daughter! Hope you're having a lovely weekend. xx

  3. Just catching up here, and I'm loving these last few pics. And hurrah for heroes, with all good wishes to your man for a speedy, full recovery x

  4. I would wake up with the sun too! Love that photo! Ada :)

  5. I think your photos are really great. I like them all, particularly the ones that are black and white, but also think the shadow one is really good. Really interesting colours. I might have a go next month, but I'm not sure I'd be able to keep up. Are your photos all taken on the day, or did you have some already? I have been linking to a page called Saturday Snapshot, as I seem to be getting more and more interested in photography.

    1. Yes, I'm taking my photos daily (or almost daily, shhh!)

  6. What lovely photos, all with so much thought behind them, thank you for sharing them. I have been trying to take more photos and actually document a few of the things we do in a journal as well as on my blog now - it is so nice to have it in physical form as well as online! x

  7. Thanks so much for all your comments about my photos. I'm certainly enjoying doing the challenge, some days more than others!! It is rather good to be committed to something like this, and fabulous that someone else has come up with the words for each day.

  8. That photo of your husband is lovely, and you wrote about him so movingly. I like the way you keep your wedding rings on a shell, what nice idea. Waking up with the sun, how lovely - I wake up with either the shriek of "Mummy!" or the alarm clock. x


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