18 July 2012


I have been a collector of images for as long as I can remember.  Anything that catches my eye or takes my fancy is kept and treasured.  I adore the clever and the beautiful, the sumptious, the quirky, the colourful.  They can be images of fashion, interiors, animals or people that grabs my attention.  No old and outdated magazine is safe from my scissors.

Then, with these images in hand I like to paste them into books, in theme order or colour order or whatever-I-please order. I think I have this overwhelming need to be constantly cutting and pasting because I never went to Kindergarten! I didn't learn my cutting and pasting skills then and I've been playing catch-up ever since!!

I have books full of wonderful images that inspire, get my heart jumping and my mind racing.

Images that have me swooning, day-dreaming, planning, wishing and hoping.

Books on fashion that are so dated now they make me squirm, and scrapbooks of interiors and books of images that just make me smile.  So why has it taken me so long to join Pinterest?  Pinterest, this thing I've been doing all my life, but online, and no scissors or glue needed.  Why has it taken me so long?  I have no idea, I'm loving it!!

I can categorise all the images, mine and ones I pin from others, and I can have everything in the one place, and then I can skip and hop over to other people's "boards" and see what they have!!  My oh my, I am totally in my element.

It has been fun setting it all up, thinking of category names "wool + hook", "swoon + yearn", "here + there" etc. etc. and slowly starting to add pictures into each group.

I have three followers already, Pixie Kaye (you are my Style Guru!), Serendipity Patch and Viv @ Hen's Teeth.  Thank you for showing an interest in my images.  Thank you for your inspiration peeps!!  I've already "pinned" from you : -)

If you want to scoot across and have a look just hit the link on my sidebar and you'll go straight to my page.  And with all this time on Pinterest something has to fall by the wayside, I'm thinking it could be the time spent feeding the children, or cleaning the house ...

Are you on Pinterest?
Do you enjoy looking at oodles of different images?
Did you have scrapbooks when you were little?  Or now?



  1. Hi Trudy, what a great blog you have! I have just read through ost of it with a cup of tea, great way to spend time! Will be back! Ada :)

  2. Hi Trudy - I love Pinterest too. It is so inspiring and uplifting. If I feel like I need some motivation or cheering up I spend some time browsing. Will you still keep up your scrap books? Are you going to scan images you have in paper form in? I am popping over to yours now. Lily. xxx

  3. Hi Trudy,
    I have just come back from a wonderful sojourn in your land of scrapbooks and Pinterst. I will be sure to visit often as I feel I have been on a lovely holiday?

  4. I have glanced at Pinterest, and would love to get into it. But then there is Flicker, and Twitter, and Instagram. It is so hard, as I think if I do all of them, I may not actually have any time to make anything. As my kids are getting older it seems harder to even get on the computer, which is why at nearly midnight I am catching up. I love your scrap books though. Don't go totally digital.

  5. Hello Trudy, nice to meet you! Love your mad hatters tea cups by the way. I will pop over to pinterest and find you. Just going to have a little read here now. Heather


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